Singer. Songwriter. Musician. Composer. Actress.

They say the best things in life are green, and Tayler Green is no exception. With her soul-filled voice, Tayler takes her unbridled truths and turns them into melodic hits that anyone who’s experienced love can relate to.  

As a pastor’s daughter raised in Franklin, New Jersey, music found Tayler before her life even really got started. Sitting in the front row every Sunday and singing before her dad would speak, Tayler quickly learned she had a gift much bigger than herself, and longed to use it to help people heal. “I began playing piano by ear at 3 years old and can still hear my mom screaming through the house, ‘You almost got it! Keep going,’” Tayler recalls. Those simple yet profound words of encouragement continue to echo in her mind and music to this day. 

Growing up, Tayler also found comfort through her pen. She would write songs to better understand and express her emotions, then perform them for anyone who would listen. She found her way to a performing arts high school where her love for music continued to blossom, and went off to college to study music. Little did she know, the countless Sundays spent singing in the pulpit and late nights making songs in her bedroom were already preparing her for the call of a lifetime.

In January of 2017, Tayler was asked to compose more than thirty songs and act in her first big screen movie, Gangland: The Musical, alongside Clifton Powell, Wood Harris, and Tamar Braxton. This prompted her to seriously rethink her college career, pack her bags and move cross-county to Los Angeles, California, where she still currently resides. 

Fast forward a few years and Tayler is continuing to make a name for herself as a talented performer and collaborator. From appearing on season 18 of NBC’s The Voice, and receiving millions of plays for her performances, to singing for Kanye West’s Sunday Service, hitting the 2022 Oscar’s stage with Beyoncé, and working with all-star production team, 1500 or Nothin; Tayler and her signature teal tresses are no stranger to the limelight. Recently, she even had the honor of singing the National Anthem for the Ram’s opening night game at Sofi Stadium. 

With transparency and authenticity at the forefront, Tayler is ready to share more of her truth through her music. Her latest single ‘Lost Boy’ releases February 1st, and is produced by Quintin “Q” Gulledge. The R&B track is destined to become a fan favorite as it celebrates personal growth in love, and the power of becoming whole again after heartbreak. Tayler’s ultimate goal is for listeners to feel seen, and to find the confidence to keep going when things get tough. 

“Green is so much more than a name or color,” says Tayler. “It represents rebirth, expansion, and the beauty of life.” Here, hope is always on the menu.